Pentra®-Guard (EXT)

Pentra®-Guard (EXT)
Exterior Surface Hardening and Protective Clear Coat

Pentra®-Guard (EXT) exterior surface hardening and protective coating is specifically designed for protecting exterior hardscapes installations from unwanted effects of water and oil penetration, salt efflorescence, and/or dirt and grime build which up can easily distract and diminish their beauty.


1000 L IBC
20 L Pail


In 4 coats:
1st coat: 15 m²/L
2nd coat: 30 m²/L
3rd coat: 35 m²/L
4th coat: 50 m²/L

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Indoor Air comfort Gold : Belgian VOC regulation, France VOC class A+, Germany (AgBB/ABG), Italian CAM Edilizia, EU Taxonomy Regulation, LEED (ACP), BREEAM New Construction, WELL Building, DGNB, SKA Rating, French HQE certification, Austrian Baubook, M1, Danish Indoor Climate Label (Emission Class 1), BVB (Sweden), Miljöbyggnad (Sweden), Eco Product Norway, SINTEF (Norway), Cradle to Cradle, very low emitting products according to EN 16798-1, Singapore Green label, Global GreenTag, Declare 2.0

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