There are Many Benefits to Using Our Products.

They’re Also Extraordinarily Friendly.

Now you can balance sustainability and durability without compromising the aesthetics.

From manufacturing to application, we do our part to ensure that CONVERGENT products are safe to use and safe for the environment. Because we believe in building a better future, we’ve committed to be environmentally-minded from start to finish.

Our manufacturing facilities use streamlined systems and formulas that eliminate the creation of hazardous waste during the production process, and our warehouses package those products with recycled materials.

CONVERGENT’s densifiers, sealers and specialty treatments are also designed for waste-free application, and floors treated with our products provide many advantages to both consumers and the environment.

Environmental Benefits
  • Increased reflectivity of polished concrete reduces lighting needs, resulting in lower energy consumption.
  • Treated concrete floors decrease energy use by retaining heat during cold weather and staying cooler in warm weather.
  • Use of architectural concrete or reuse of an existing concrete surface reduces material and energy consumption by eliminating the need to produce, transport and install other flooring options. Even old or worn concrete surfaces can be rejuvenated to like-new condition with our products.
  • Polished concrete floors are more durable and last longer than traditional floor coverings, creating further material and energy savings.
  • Rinse-free, waste-free application.
  • Requiring only water or neutral cleaners for basic maintenance, treated floors eliminate the need for continual strip/reseal cycles and the routine use of harsh chemicals.

Beautify your concrete floors everywhere